5 year technical support guarantee

Blu Glo offers 5 years of complimentary technical support with a system purchase. This guarantee is NOT an extended warranty on the electronics we sell, nor do we offer extended warranties. Our belief is that our clients do not need an extended warranty, they need our support for years after we install a system for them. Our goal is to stand behind the systems we sell for the long-term. Because we use extreme discipline selecting the components we sell, and because we use a standardized system design, we can easily solve most of the service requests we receive with a phone call to the client. If a visit to the client’s home is required, we can usually solve the issue very quickly. We feel that this policy represents an incredible value to our clients. Typical service requests include:

In the event a component in the system requires repair, there are many factory-authorized service centers that can perform the repair. If there is an out-of-warranty charge, the client pays the service facility directly. We will fetch the damaged/broken component for our client, deliver it to the chosen repair facility, and pick the component up upon completion of the repair, deliver and reinstall it into the clients system. In this scenario, our time is at no charge to the homeowner.

At the end of the 5 years, we will continue to support our clients. Phone-based service will continue to be at no charge, site visits will incur a $50 trip fee, plus whatever additional time & materials are necessary to fix the issue.

We also have web-based video tutorials on this website for the routine maintenance items required by typical home entertainment systems. Routine maintenance items include: rebooting of the system remote, rebooting of system components, swapping new batteries, bulbs, filters, etc.