Samsung Crystal, Frame TV, Samsung Terrace, Samsung Neo

As an audio-video company, we pride ourselves on offering the best technology. We also continually educate our team on the products we install recommend and install. 

Televisions continue to evolve with every model released, and the stores offer many excellent options. Every TV brand offers different designs and unique features, but at Blu Glo, we look for user-friendly systems with stunning picture quality. We particularly like Samsung because they are an innovative leader in electronics and offer the best features. 

Samsung TVs are some of the best on the market in 2022 and are promising big things in 2023. We install almost any type of technology, but when we get to choose, we select Samsung TVs for our clients. 


Samsung Televisions

Samsung is a South Korean company and is considered a world leader in consumer electronics. In 2015, Samsung introduced QLED TVs or quantum dot TVs. Quantum dot technology emits colored light that travels through the TV and uses LED backlighting to produce superior contrast and brightness in the picture.

Great Samsung TV Options

In recent years, Samsung has focused on improving its software and Smart TV functions. Samsung’s high-end model TVs are some of the best and the most well-rounded. These TVs outperform in dark and bright environments; some offer cool features like mobile mirroring, tap view, and Anti-Reflection and Matte Display.

If you are shopping for a new TV, check out some of these best-selling models:

  1. Samsung CrystalWhen you need a TV that is “just good enough,” this is the least expensive that Samsung offers and is appropriate for an area where the TV might get damaged by flying toys or heat & humidity!


  1. The Frame TV– When interior design is a primary concern, you don’t want to sacrifice a great picture. We ALWAYS recommend this game-changing technology. These TVs are excellent when watching and impressive when off! It is a one-of-a-kind TV that allows homeowners to consider a room’s design aesthetic. This technology allows the owner to display matted artwork and pictures on their TV when it is not in use. This “lifestyle TV” has a gallery-worthy aesthetic, features swappable bezel frames, and offers access to an extensive collection of artwork, all for $5.99/month. With Art Mode, you can customize or rotate between painting or photography. Read more about it HERE.


  1. The Samsung Terrace is an easy choice for a TV exposed to weather elements. This outdoor TV has three significant benefits: 
  • It is 3x brighter than standard TVs.
  • Has a matte finish to reduce reflection.
  • Most importantly, it is weather-proof so that it can be exposed to wet weather.
  1. Samsung Neo-QLED TVs We love the QN900B; it has a fantastic picture and is the best we’ve ever seen. The design is a “zero edge” with no bezel! This TV’s colors, details, and design cannot be matched.

Samsung TVS

Blu Glo Home Media Systems

As an audio-video installer, we know that consumers value technology differently. A big part of our service is being an expert on technology products so that we can offer cost-effective recommendations to our clients.

Whether you are technophobic, intimidated by high tech, or love adopting new technology, we have a recommendation for everyone.

We want technology to be easy to use so you can do what you love: listen to music, watch your favorite game, and spend time with your family.

If you are ready to invest in a new Samsung TV or audio-video equipment, give Blu Glo a call. We are experts in Samsung technologies and will find the best solution for your home or business 817-332-2233.


Special thanks to Samsung for the use of their products and website photos on our site.