TV Installation & TV Mounting

Blu Glo Home Media Solutions Has Built a Stellar Reputation on TV Mounting & TV Installation! 

We are experts at hiding the wires!

Mounting a TV is one of the best investments for a home theater or home office.  It’s inexpensive, provides a better viewing experience, and improves the look of your room.

Be warned; however, TV Mounting is not a great DIY project.  Our staff has seen some unfortunate attempts at TV Mounting. Call Blu Glo Home Media Systems for the best results in TV Mounting.

  • We mount and install TVs from Fort Worth to Amarillo, Dallas, and as far down as Corpus Christi.
  • We won’t leave a job until the theater system is operable and properly positioned.
  • Appointments are easy! No waiting around; simply call, and we will come to you with all of the right TV Mounting supplies and wiring.
  • Our professionals are qualified, fast, courteous, and on time!

Shopping for a TV?  SAMSUNG is a Blu Glo favorite! 

If you have just started looking for a new TV, look no further Blu Glo has the very best TV options in Texas!  We LOVE Samsung TVs and recommend Samsung technology for almost every system we install.

There’s no need for you to order online or struggle with heavy deliveries. Our team will provide TV options, delivery, and installation of your new Samsung TV at or below a fair market price. We can supply all the technology needed for installation. There’s no need to shop around for TVs, wall mounts, or wiring. We offer competitive pricing on all our materials.

Blu Glo carries the most popular Samsung Frame TV.  Our clients love it!  Beautiful picture, and it blends into the décor of any room.

Our professionals are trained experts in Samsung Technology.  We know how to install, integrate, and troubleshoot Samsung equipment.

Why Choose Blu Glo Home Media Solutions for TV Mounting

We start with an assessment of your entertainment space, outside patio, or room.  Our professional technology installers consider all the design elements in your space to determine lighting, brightness, TV location, and TV selection.

Bigger is not always better.  Sometimes a smaller system set to the proper angle provides a better viewing experience.  All TV screens and projectors have recommended viewing angles based on their size and resolution. Different types of TV technologies are designed to be viewed from various angles because of their size and resolution.  For example, TV Mounting over a fireplace can be challenging, but with the correct size screen and mount, TV viewing can be spectacular.  We might recommend a mount that pulls away from the wall and lowers to allow that optimal viewing experience.

Get More Than TV Installation

We invite you to take advantage of our technical knowledge and get your Blu Glo representative to run a speed test on your internet system.  We may have WiFi solutions that will improve your media system.

Blu Glo’s professionals are not just techs. We LOVE audio-video and are trained in home entertainment consultation. When we install TVs, we also look at ways to get your devices, especially the TV, off the WIFI.

Hardwiring a TV provides better internet speed, stability, and security. It saves more WIFI for everyone’s devices and eliminates speed problems in other areas.

Our professionals can offer advice on home media systems, computer systems, security systems, and whole-house sound.