Cabling & Pre-Wiring

Congratulations on your new home!

Building, New Home Move, or Existing Home Upgrade – Each presents its own challenges.  Let’s do this right!  We want you to have clear signals, consistent reliable WiFi, thermostats that are efficient, adjustable lighting, and rocking video!

Our wiring is designed to make installation of lighting, computer networks, security systems, and home entertainment easy.  Our engineers work with your home builder to provide wiring now and for future installations.

Our pre-wiring services include:

  • Critical Path Wiring for TV, Audio & Home Network
  • WiFi Installation
  • Sheetrock Installation & Repair
  • Full Home or Office Pre-wire
  • Structured Cabling for Video Displays
  • Low Voltage Wiring for Audio
  • Prewiring Ethernet Network Jacks, Lighting Controllers, and Touch Panels
  • Smart Home Wiring
  • Smurf Tubes
  • Pre-planning with Engineer & Electrician