BLU GLO Home Media Systems – High Performing Media & Home Theaters

Blu Glo has a powerful 60 years of combined experience delivering mind-blowing media to homeowners. You’re in the right place if you don’t know how to select equipment or find yourself cursing at the remote.

We design and create everything from home theaters, media rooms, and game rooms to outdoor entertainment areas. Whether you have an existing home theater that needs a facelift, new construction, or want to create a perfectly planned, high-end home theater system, we are here to help!

Why Have A Home Theater?

People are spending more time at home and staying out of movie theaters. Our home entertainment technology delivers a movie theater experience without the risk. We install professional-grade equipment so you can enjoy music, games, and movies in the comfort of your own home!

Your Blu Glo professional can recommend TVs, sound systems, projectors, and media equipment to give you a clear picture and real-life sound quality.

Our services include:

  • Equipment Selection
  • Advantage Vendor Discounts
  • Wire Diagrams and Elevations
  • Architectural Services and Builder Consultation
  • Electrical Documentation
  • Device Placement Planning
  • Space Requirements
  • Construction Requirement Plans

What Equipment Does A Home Theater Require?

Projector Screen:

If you want the biggest screen possible, a projector screen may be your first choice. They come in a few designs like fixed, remote-controlled, and retractable. We will design a space where the screen gives you the best picture quality.


We install Epson projectors that offer exceptional digital video capabilities and connect to your streaming devices, so you have unlimited content at your fingertips.

Surround Sound:

Sound quality can make or break a home theater experience. You will enjoy your favorite media with formats like Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D.

Customized Seating:

We offer resources and installation on seating that fits your lifestyle and comfort level.