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Better Video Conferencing, Internet Service, and Advanced Presentation Equipment

Video Conferencing |  Webinars  |  Shared Presentations

Working remotely has never been more efficient! With upgraded technology, connecting people from home or remote offices via virtual meetings is easy. If you haven’t invested in-home media technology, it’s not too late. You don’t want to be the person in the conference with an unreliable connection or lag time that makes it difficult to see and hear. Your Blu Glo Professional can help troubleshoot internet service and improve equipment so that meetings are hassle-free, clear, and reliable.

On The Road Again – Easy Mobile Video Conferencing

For our clients that travel and need to facilitate video calls through a laptop, we understand your challenges on the road. Blu Glo offers affordable conferencing setups, upgraded cameras, better computer monitors, and outstanding sound options.

Podcasting & Live Streaming

Good lighting is everything! Even with an expensive webcam, high-definition microphone, and quality monitors, video calls will not produce the desired results without proper lighting. Our Certified Engineers can design and install the appropriate home office lighting. 

Fast Reliable Internet

The key to a productive home office is fast internet speeds and reliable WiFi! We suggest hardwiring the internet to any home office computer or device for optimal speeds. If that is not possible, we recommend a WiFi extender to ensure the fastest internet available. There are many WiFi products on the market that boost range, but not without a significant loss of speed and bandwidth. Blu Glo professionals offer a better solution that is called a mesh network.

A mesh network consists of several devices placed throughout a home that act as local access points for the router. We use Ubiquiti, and in our opinion, it is the most reliable mesh network on the market. It outperforms consumer brands like Linksys, Netgear, and Google Nest. When installing a mesh network, we strategically place the access points to offer the best coverage. We calibrate the system using the most robust software available. We’ll even service the system from our offices, so your home office will keep you working!