Total Home Control – Home Automation Systems

Total Home Control With The Touch Of A Button

Total Home Automation gives you the power to control technology features throughout your home including, security, entertainment, automation, and networking.

Make your busy life easier with a home automation system. Blu Glo’s home technology packages allow homeowners to control audio-video, home theater, security, lighting, heating, and cooling from a central control center or their phone.

With a system installed by Blu Glo, you can control all the subsystems in the house using an app on your phone or iPad through a control system like RTI, Remote Technologies Inc.

RTI is a personalized and responsive application that allows for control of systems like these via the application:

HVAC Systems and Thermostats

Need to cool the house down on a hot day or turn off the air system while on vacation? This is no problem using a smart thermostat.

Home Entertainment

A home automation system can control a whole home theater, media room, projector, screen, and lighting using the simple movie-source cell phone application.

Garage Door Openers and Door Controls

A delivery person may be remotely allowed to enter the garage or mail center with automated door controls. The door may also be locked remotely.

Video Doorbell System and Security Systems

View cameras to see who’s at the door before hurrying to answer the ring.
Security cameras and systems are easy to use and bring intelligence and efficiency to a video surveillance system. Control cameras remotely with complete access using the third-party automation system.

Sound Systems & Sonos

Select and enjoy music from anywhere. The Blu Glo Pros like Sonos because their products are easy to use. Everyone in the home may listen to their favorite music regardless of their room location. The technology allows sound to be played in one specific area or the entire house inside and out.

Lighting Control System

A lighting controller like Lutron works with smart home devices and provides the perfect lighting solution for any size home. The system can support up to 10,000 devices, including a customizable keypad or hidden dimmer switch.