Improved Internet Speeds Texas

Everything To Know About Getting Better Internet With Starlink

One great thing about living in Texas is that we have the space to roam. The lakes and ranches surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth area are a great way to escape the city, but what do you do about the spotty internet outside city limits?

We have a solution…Starlink— ever heard of it?

This new technology was launched into space by Elon Musk in April 2020 and is bringing customers better internet service, especially those who live in more remote areas. Here is everything to know about getting better internet with Starlink.

What is Starlink?

Starlink uses lower earth orbit satellite constellations, about 340 miles above the Earth, to provide internet to remote locations. Starlink, a company under SpaceX, initially provided internet services to commercial businesses and government branches, but now provides internet to people and places where it was not possible until today. With their proximity to Earth, these satellites provide exceptional internet speeds with reduced signal delay and beat some of the most reliable broadband speeds.

How does Starlink work?

Starlink internet works by using the vacuum of space to reach people and places that are unreachable through fiber-optic cables and other internet connections. Starlink’s low-orbiting satellites reduce the time it takes data to travel between the user and the satellite. As these satellites wear out, the low orbit allows the atmospheric drag to pull them down into the Earth’s atmosphere, where they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere—preventing more debris and space junk from orbiting in space.

Get Started with Starlink

To get started with Starlink, you have to first check for availability. You may be denied or put on a waitlist if someone is already using Starlink in your area due to the competing satellite signal, but once approved, it is straightforward to get set up. First, you will need the kit at a one-time hardware cost of $599. The Starlink Kit includes a base, wifi router, and cables. Everything is already connected, and the dish automatically adjusts its aim once installed.

After the kit installation, the data is unlimited for $110 per month. One thing to mention is that the dish is also weather resistant. During inclement weather in the winter, the dish heats and melts off snow and ice, preventing interruption to your internet signal. Hence, you never have to worry about outages.

How Blu Glo Can Help

Do you work remotely, struggle with connectivity, and need reliable internet at your lake home or ranch? Starlink is just what you need! Here at Blu Glo, we install Starlink equipment and will get your internet up and running from start to finish. We will distribute the fast internet signal throughout the home, around the property, and out to barns, docks, etc. Learn more at and contact us at 817-332-2233 to get it started today!