TV Mounting Indoor and Outdoor

Mounting a TV might seem like a simple DIY task, but the expertise of professionals makes a world of difference. Picture this: your dream TV, perfectly positioned for optimal viewing comfort, seamlessly integrated into your décor, with hidden cables that banish clutter and frustration. Sound impossible? At Blu Glo Home Media Systems, we go beyond basic mounting because we understand that your TV is the centerpiece of entertainment in your home.

One of our frequent calls is, “I just bought a new TV, and I realized that I need someone to hang it.” No worries, this is a common problem! Expertly mounting your new TV is our specialty, ensuring perfect viewing angles and a sleek, cable-free aesthetic.

Let Blu Glo Mount Your TV

TVs are more than just a screen on your wall; they’re a gateway to your favorite shows to binge-watch and a way to stream and connect with others. For some, it’s the centerpiece of your home entertainment experience and not just how, but where it is installed can make a difference.

We will make sure that your TV is mounted securely, cables are hidden, and audio components are calibrated and optimized for peak performance. We’ll discuss placement options, for best viewing.  Plus, our audio-visual experts will integrate your TV with your WIFI and network system, giving you faster upload and download speeds to minimize buffering.

No two homes are alike, so neither are their TV installation requirements, our team of pros knows how to adapt so you get the set-up you want. We have the tools, mounts, and experience and-most importantly-we listen! Blu Glo takes the stress out of installation, saving your time and energy.

Ongoing Support

We take pride in our work, after your TV is securely mounted, the Blu Glo team provides ongoing support to our clients. Whether you have questions about your new TV or need assistance with other AV equipment in your home, our team is here to help.

Like our work? We also offer programming of universal remotes, install home security systems, outdoor audio and video, Starlink satellite dishes and more.

Customer Satisfaction is #1

Don’t just take our word for it—hear what our satisfied clients say about their TV installation experiences with Blu Glo from our Google reviews.

“Blu Glo media is attentive, professional, comprehensive, pleasant and friendly, and easy to deal with. They have set up my home security, TV’s, universal remotes, home surround sound and has met and exceeded all tasks I’ve placed before them. I highly recommend this company.” J. Rath

“Blu Glo has taken care of our AV needs for 10 years. They did an amazing job tying into the original components in our existing home and improving the systems overall. They are always quick to respond to text/phone and quick to get us on the schedule if we have an issue…… Kevin and Brett can break down things to a non-expert level but are always willing to share as much detail about the technology as one wants. I would highly recommend Blu Glo for any AV needs. If I could give more than 5 stars, they deserve it!” S. Deering

What Next?

Ready to get that TV mounted? Choose Blu Glo Home Media Systems for professional TV installation services in Fort Worth and beyond.

To schedule your consultation today and take your home entertainment to the next level, please call us at (817) 332-2233.