As BIG Apple fans, we are excited to share the rumor that a new Apple TV streaming device is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024!

A New Apple TV Streaming Device Coming in 2024?

As BIG Apple fans, we are excited to share the rumor that a new Apple TV streaming device is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2024! Both consumers and service providers are moving away from satellites and cable TV boxes to focus on streaming through apps, such as Apple TV.

With this change, having the best way to view and stream content is even more important. We have heard it time and time again: “I already have a Smart TV; why do I need a streaming device, too?”

What is a Streaming Device Used For?

Smart TVs offer excellent sound and picture quality, but they require apps (applications) to be able to view programming. This is where a quality streaming device is important.  A streaming device is an exterior device with full-service processing technology designed to give the best outputs that your television can produce.

The New Apple TV 4K 2024

Rumors have abounded for months of an upcoming release of the brand-new Apple TV 4K streaming device in 2024. While Apple hasn’t officially confirmed anything, let’s explore the possibilities based on past trends, industry speculations, and what Apple fans like us might crave.

Industry analysts point to the growing streaming market as a key driver for Apple’s potential move. With giants like Netflix and Disney+ continuously upping their game, Apple feels pressure to innovate and expand its reach.

With this new device, consumers might experience a Performance Upgrade with faster processing and better graphics, Enhanced Gaming options, Wider Displays, Better Pricing and maybe even a surprise or two!

The Latest Model: 2022 Apple TV 4K

Not sure you want to wait for the newest Apple TV model to come out? The Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) is still one of the best streaming devices you can buy. Here’s why Blu Glo stands by this streaming device over others:

  • Better Software Quality – Your Smart TV’s functions and the internet browser can be extremely challenging to navigate. It does not compare to Apple’s software and algorithms in determining what you want to stream and when making it more user-friendly overall.
  • Seamless Connectivity – The Apple TV can be paired with your Apple AirPods for “quiet” viewing or better sound performance for those with hearing difficulties. AppleTV can network with your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook computers to share video and audio content – even FACETIME. iPhones or iPads can be used as a remote control for all the AppleTVs in your home if a remote goes missing, gets damaged, etc.
  • Better Firmware for Rebooting – Better firmware = easier to reboot. We love easy wins for our clients, from faster updating to easier streaming.
  • Seamless Integration-Have other smart devices? A quick touch of an app on your iPhone can restart your TV and more.

Another big selling point about the Apple TV 4K is the access to home automation and features like voice control, multi-room audio/video, etc. With Apple TV 4K, you can use Siri for voice control to search for content, play music, and control other aspects of the device with the sound of your voice!

Add Apple TV 4K with Your TV Installation

Streaming devices provide faster speeds, better picture quality, and better overall streaming performance than smart TVs alone. Apple TV is an Apple device, meaning that the “logic” and operation are the same as that used to manage all Apple devices: simple and logical.

Are you ready to take a bite? Call the team at Blu Glo to get started at 817-332-2233 and watch for official announcements and leaks leading up to the next Apple event and prepare to be surprised!