The Samsung Frame TV is a QLED 4K TV

Recently, Samsung has emerged as a clear winner in the home entertainment sector years! Their television technology is the frontrunner of TV brands and captivates buyers with its unique blend of technological brilliance and artistic elegance. The Samsung Frame TV is one of the best-selling TVs on the market and is a TV we love installing. Its unique design aesthetic and close-mounted frame make it the top choice for many homeowners. These buyers want a TV that blends in with the surroundings of a room. They also want an exceptional picture and dynamic sound quality, which this TV also has. Here’s why buyers choose the Samsung Frame TV for their homes and businesses.

The Samsung Frame TV has QLED technology and seamless design

What is The Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is a QLED 4K TV that perfectly combines Samsung’s highly regarded and revolutionary QLED technology and seamless design, blending entertainment and function. The Frame is also known as a lifestyle TV because of the swappable bezel frame, and matte finish for gallery-worthy aesthetic features. The TV uses Samsung’s Art Mode, a catalog of various artwork and photography.

So, what sets this TV apart from others on the market? Let’s explore why buyers choose the Samsung Frame TV as their ultimate viewing companion.

The Samsung Frame TV -This Matte Display looks like actual artwork and like you are looking at a painting in a museum.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy a Samsung TV

The Samsung Frame TV has captivated buyers with its stunning picture quality and innovative features. The TV operates on the Tizen operating system giving owners all of the apps, including Amazon, Max, Apple TV+, Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+, plus helpful voice assistants from Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, to Samsung’s Bixby. The Frame is one of the best TVs for its versatility, connectivity, and ability to transform entertainment. Here are the top four reasons to buy a Samsung TV.

No Other TV Has The Customizability Like The Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is a masterful fusion of cutting-edge display technology and exquisite design. It seamlessly integrates into any living space, effortlessly transforming into a mesmerizing work of art when not in use. The Slim Fit wall mount hangs the TV flush against the wall making it one of the closes mounts a TV can have. With customizable bezels and an array of art displays, the Frame TV elevates the aesthetics of your room, becoming a captivating focal point that enhances your decor. Many homeowners love all of these features and the customization the TV offers.

The Samsung Frame TV is a masterful fusion of cutting-edge display technology and exquisite design.

Art Mode Shows any Art That You Can Dream of, Plus Your Own

One of the best features of the Frame TV is Art Mode. With Art Mode, access Samsung’s vast catalog of artwork and photography. The Frame TV features many free pieces of artwork, but if you create an account and subscribe for $5.99, you will have access to their catalog of over 1,400 works. One benefit of subscribing is that you can customize your art display, matte the artwork however you want, and rotate images. The display can be a different piece. You can set perimeters as to when the art gets updated.

The Frame TV is Innovative

The Frame TV is every modern homeowner’s dream TV. In addition to Art Mode, the extensive library of artworks, the Adaptive Picture feature optimizes the display based on ambient lighting conditions, giving a viewing experience at all times. It doesn’t stop there! The One Connect Box or Invisible Connection is every installer’s dream. It’s just one cord that runs to the TV eliminating clutter and giving a clean and streamlined setup.

Picture Quality and Matte Finish Sets the TV Apart From the Rest

When it comes to picture quality, the Samsung Frame TV truly shines. Powered by Quantum Dot technology, it delivers vibrant and lifelike colors, deep blacks, and exceptional contrast, ensuring a captivating visual experience. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite movies, binge-watching a series, or immersing yourself in gaming, the Frame TV’s 4K Ultra HD resolution brings every detail to life, making you feel like you’re part of the action.

The Samsung Frame TV has an extensive library of artworks

The added features of the newest Frame TVs include a superior anti-reflection matte display. This Matte Display looks like actual artwork and like you are looking at a painting in a museum. The anti-glare screen limits light distraction to reduce the effects of glare.

Samsung is the Preferred TV Technology By Blu Glo

At Blu Glo, we only sell and install Samsung TV technology. That may sound a little different, but the reason is that we stand by Samsung’s versatility and unparalleled design and picture technology. Their technology seamlessly integrates with Smart home devices and systems. All TVs offer voice control assistants and home automation systems. Add the uniqueness of Samsung’s Frame TV and accessible One Connect Box technology, and there is no question why we only offer Samsung to our customers.


The Samsung Frame TV delivers vibrant and lifelike colors, deep blacks, and exceptional contrast

Samsung is a leader in technology innovation, and its TVs continue to evolve. But what truly sets the Samsung Frame TV apart is the expertise and endorsement of our AV professionals. Our team recognizes the Frame TV as one of the best TVs you can buy. Elevate your home theater experience and contact us and ask about the Samsung Frame TV. It’s the first step in perfectly pairing your technology and your home’s aesthetic.