Hire Professional Movers for Audio Video and Sound Equipment

Why Do I Need To Hire An AV Company To Move My Electronics?

Moving to a new home is a blend of excitement and challenges when considering the many tasks and decisions involved in getting from one place to the next. As a homeowner, your beloved electronics are one of your top investments to transport safely to your new location. Whether it’s your cutting-edge home theater systems, intricate audio setups, or smart home devices, these valuable investments demand specialized care and expertise. This is where the expertise of an experienced audio-video company shines. By entrusting the relocation of your electronics to skilled professionals who comprehend the intricate workings of the equipment, you can ensure a smooth and seamless transition while safeguarding against potential damage. Here are a few more reasons why you should hire an AV company to move your electronics.

Why You Should Not Hire a Regular Moving Company to Move AV Equipment

Most importantly, many professional moving companies will not move AV or computer equipment because they do not want the liability. You are going to need a professional Audio Video Home Systems company to ensure that your AV equipment is packed correctly, transported, and set up at your new office or home.

Hiring a regular moving company for your electronics is a big risk. Regular moving companies lack knowledge of correctly de-installing, packing, moving, and reinstalling your equipment. When you hire an AV company for equipment moving services, trained specialists pack using specialized materials that are safe for your electronics and prevent damage. They are knowledgeable and procure the specialized equipment necessary when carefully packing, ensuring your valuable electronics are safe during transit.

How Audio-Video Professionals Move Your Technology

  1. Specialized expertise: AV equipment is often expensive and delicate, requiring technical knowledge and expertise to move it safely. Audio-video professionals have experience handling different types of AV equipment, including home theaters, sound systems, projectors, and more. They use specialized equipment and techniques to pack, label, transport, and set up your equipment safely and efficiently.
  2. Equipment protection: Professionals take precautions to protect your equipment from damage during transport. AV movers may use shock-absorbing materials, secure equipment with straps, or pack equipment in specially designed crates. Instead of moving your delicate equipment in the back of your SUV or truck, an AV company knows how to move your items safely to their following location. AV professionals also have insurance to cover damages should they occur during the move.
  3. It saves you time and energy: Moving AV equipment is time-consuming and stressful. Hauling your equipment to a new location is tedious, but an audio-video professional will handle everything. Taking the stress out of AV moving lets you focus on other aspects of your move and means that a professional will install, calibrate, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Moving Is A Perfect Time To Upgrade Your AV Systems

Moving is the best time to look at how you plan on using your new home. It offers a fresh start and a chance to rethink how you want each room set up. When the professionals at Blu Glo meet clients to discuss the upcoming move, we visit both the old and new homes. We look to assess the equipment at both locations. Does your new home have a home theater? Do you want to make your new house a Smart home or use universal remotes? Making a plan to upgrade the technology before you move in is essential to transition into your new space seamlessly.

Some of the equipment you will want to plan for in your new home is sound, home theater equipment, WIFI connectivity, and security systems. By upgrading your AV systems during a move, you can avoid the hassle and disruption of making changes after settling in. Your AV professional will also determine if any of your existing equipment can be reused. Depending on the age of the system, you may need to upgrade the equipment you already own because it won’t work with your new system.

Use Blu Glo Home Media Systems For Your Next Move

Are you moving and located in Fort Worth, Dallas, or the surrounding DFW Metroplex area? Let Blu Glo manage your move! We make your move easy, and our communication is transparent and straightforward. Our timeline starts around a month before the move. We meet with our client to assess the existing setup, then create a plan to move all operable equipment. We de-install, store, and then reinstall, taking all the hard work off your shoulders. Here’s a more detailed look at our moving services:

  • Equipment audit and labeling to make sure we keep track of all your valuable electronics.
  • Equipment insurance is provided just in case of incidentals.
  • Shipping & packaging for further destinations
  • Connection and re-wiring services
  • TV mounting & assembly
  • Cable connection services or new wiring services; If you need more time to figure out your new internet providers, we can help you select the internet and cable providers and work with them to install it correctly.
  • Design & placement advice to ensure your system gives you the best viewing and sound experience possible. At the end of our installation, we clean and dust off your equipment so it’s ready to go.

We want nothing more for our clients that after a long day of moving, all they have to do is sit down, turn on their sound and theater systems, and relax! Let Blu Glo be the trusted company to move all of your audio-video equipment and install it into your new home. We will ensure that your expensive and delicate equipment is moved safely, efficiently, and conveniently, giving you peace of mind during your move. Contact Blu Glo Home Media Systems today at 817-332-2233.