How Much Does Pre-wiring cost? Blu Glo Media

With future use in mind, many builders offer pre-wiring for audio, video, home security, home automation, and entertainment centers in new homes.  Quality CAT6 cabling adds tremendous resale value to a home. In the modern home or remodel, it is every bit as important as plumbing or electrical wiring.

In addition to being practical, pre-wiring gives homeowners the opportunity to tailor their appliances, computers, and media to a design aesthetic that fits their lifestyle.

The biggest question we get at Blu Glo is about the cost.  Is pre-wiring worth the money? Emphatically – YES!  And here’s why …

How Pre-Wiring Makes Audio-Video Equipment Easy To Use

Home technology should be easy to use, and every family member should be able to understand how to operate the systems. Often the placement of equipment makes the operation easier. Pre-cabled equipment offers more flexibility than just planning where the TV should go. The home theater, security systems, and indoor & outdoor lighting may all be planned in advance and logically placed in easy-to-reach areas. When a home is pre-wired and designed for technology, every aspect of daily life can be controlled with a touch.

Additionally, wiring distances for AV components may be reduced, thus improving performance through direct internet access. For example, the sound dynamic is enhanced when a TV is hardwired to the internet. Because there are fewer signal interference issues, the picture quality is also better.

What is Involved in Pre-wiring a Home?

Pre-wiring a house requires running low-voltage cabling throughout the new construction before the sheetrock goes up. The process starts with a wiring diagram, similar to an electrical plan. This plan will include the placement of TVs, security cameras, home internet access points, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, and more. High-quality cables such as fiber-optic and Cat6 Ethernet cables are run to planned locations during pre-construction. These engineered cables transmit intricate signals over long distances without signal loss.  Category ethernet cables can be used for a wide variety of technologies.

What Does Pre-wiring Cost?

Running cabling is relatively inexpensive and costs about $1 per square foot. The cost includes electrical boxes, conduits, trim out, and professionally terminated wiring. Running two sets of wiring is always smart because a second set can be ready to go in a minute if something happens to the first set. The additional wiring also allows the technology to grow without having to rewire the home later.
Pre-wiring outdoor areas is particularly important because a pool, pool house, outdoor TV, or an outdoor audio system often runs underneath concrete or brick. It is more cost-effective to pre-wire a backyard before construction begins. Once cement, grass, or patio tiles are installed, it is difficult to modify the connected electronics. Tearing up a backyard to run connections after construction is costly.

Working with Home Builders

When working with a builder that offers pre-wiring for audio and video, there are some things to consider before construction begins.

  • Understand the wiring plan and which parts the builder will install.
  • Find out in advance if the builder works with a professional audio-video consultant.
  • Ask questions about the type of wiring, the number of outlets, and the types of connections included in the wiring.
  • If the project is a custom home, be sure to include future-proofing for new technologies and upgrades, such as additional speakers.

Let Us Help Our Texas Neighbors

Pulling wiring through walls, repairing drywall, spackling, sanding, and painting gets expensive!  These tasks can easily be avoided by pre-wiring before the walls go up.

  • Save time and money by meeting with a professional during the pre-construction phase.
  • Blu Glo Home Media Systems works with builders throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas to pre-wire homes for audio-video equipment, network, and security systems.
  • Whether our client is the homeowner or builder, we look for ways to future-proof homes and design well-thought-out systems that are fully ready to enjoy.
  • Pre-wiring is always worth the investment.
  • Give us a call or visit to schedule an appointment.
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