Tips for Planning Summer Outdoor Entertainment

3 Tips for Planning Summer Outdoor Entertaining

Summer in Texas is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining while watching the game and playing cornhole with your neighbors and family. We love how the warm weather invites folks outside, and having the ultimate audio-video setup for your outdoor entertainment area is the key to everyone’s enjoyment! There are several things to think about when planning to update or create outdoor spaces for media and other AV technologies, and below, we touch on each place of importance. We all know having an outdoor entertainment area is essential in Texas; it allows us to take advantage of the great weather, entertain guests, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors. But what’s good to have? Here are our top three tips for planning your summer outdoor entertaining spaces.

Install the Best Outdoor Wifi Extender

Extending your home’s Wifi network outside is critical whether you want access to the latest game or binge-watching your favorite TV series for an outdoor “movie” night. Your favorite audio-video technologies all operate using your existing network requiring Wifi to be extended outside of your home vital. Ubiquiti’s Unifi network is a fantastic option for outdoor Wifi installations. The Unifi components are all-weather access points that handle one-gig speeds outside. Araanis, the direct competitor, is another solid option in line with Ubiquity.

The most important thing about outdoor Wifi is that the system must be a mesh network to provide coverage and reach. Outdoor mesh Wifi networks extend your Wifi’s reach outside your house’s walls. Not only does your Ipad have to have connectivity to the network, but it’s also the control panel for your av system. That means you can be outside in your hot tub and control the television while having the best Wifi available and not racking up expenses on your data plan. Mesh networks are robust because it gives you control.

The Proper Outdoor TV Selection

Outdoor video capabilities are becoming increasingly popular. One frequently asked question at Blu Glo is if indoor TVs can be used outside. Our answer: Yes, but the TV must have some protection like an outdoor tv protector, be installed in a weatherproof outdoor tv cabinet, or be covered and protected from the elements.

If you choose an indoor TV for an outdoor space, you will face two main challenges. First, indoor TVs aren’t bright enough to be viewed during daylight hours. The second issue is that humidity kills indoor TVs installed outside, even when protected from the elements. Humidity will corrode the circuit boards and connections until, one day; the TV doesn’t work. Outdoor TVs are 4x brighter than indoor TVs, so they are viewable even in the bright Texas sunshine! If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a covered and protected space, the Samsung Crystal indoor TV is excellent, but expect it to last only a few years in inclement weather.

All-weather outdoor TVs have fans that circulate the air around the interior cabinet of the TV, which counters the effect of the dreaded Texas humidity. Outdoor TVs are significantly more expensive than indoor TV’s, so we will help you make the correct decisions according to your overall design, budget, and plans for your outdoor entertainment systems. An outdoor TV that we recommend is the QLED Samsung Terrace. The Terrace is impervious to water, will work in hot and cold weather, and unlike an indoor TV, is sealed with fans, making corrosion and condensation build-up non-existent. It comes in Part-Sun and Full-Sun options, so depending on where the TV is in position with the sun, you can see the screen no matter the time of day.

Outdoor Entertainment Technology information from Blu Glo

Outdoor Speakers and Outdoor Audio Systems

There are many things to consider regarding how you want your system to sound. Outdoor speakers handle environmental issues such as heat & humidity very well. The key to dynamic sound outside is to cover the entire activity area with outdoor speakers. This speaker configuration reduces the distance from the speaker to the listener, which results in much better sound quality without disturbing the neighbors!

Blu Glo Home Media Systems installs various outdoor audio, from under-eaves to speakers that look like rocks or planters to outdoor subwoofers. Our favorite product is a subwoofer/satellite speaker design in which an all-weather subwoofer produces deep, rich bass, then 4-8 small discreet satellite speakers are placed around the activity area for optimal performance and quality.

Sonance Patio System Provides Quality + Noise Distribution

A system we recommend for outdoor audio is the Sonance Patio System. This five-piece system has a single subwoofer that can be nestled into the ground to nestle down into the ground. It has 4 (with the option to purchase more) satellite speakers. The challenge when gathering outdoors, especially when entertaining, is that you want speakers performing well when you’re not directly next to them. The Sonance subwoofer resides in a specific location, but the satellite locations vary around your yard, so you hear quality sound and perfect noise distribution everywhere you go.

Are You Ready For the Perfect Outdoor Home Entertainment System?

Spring is here; we’re already getting into that warm Texas weather. Outdoor audio systems and outside TVs give your backyard entertainment a sensory experience. Contact Blu Glo Home Media Systems for a site visit. During the consultation, we will learn what is essential to your family and create a scope of work to complete the backyard of your dreams. We will look for the placement of power outlets, running speaker wires, choosing the right equipment, Wifi speeds, etc. Now is the time to start your project, mix up some ranch waters, and enjoy some great Texas music al fresco!