Outdoor TV Setup

Are you planning for a new outdoor entertaining space or maybe a new pool? Nothing is better than enjoying the great outdoors with a little music or watching your favorite team – Texas-style! At Blu Glo Home Media Systems, we install audio-video technology that will make you feel like the sound surrounds you. We only install the best brands, including Samsung and Sonos. Here are some tips to get you thinking about what you need for planning for your outdoor entertainment project.

Weather proof outdoor tv selection.

Plan Your Project

Planning for a backyard renovation is exciting! The excellent news for your backyard is that there are so many great audio-video products on the market that allows you to add a cinematic-quality system to your outdoor living area. Your home, pool, and pool house can operate on an audio system that follows you from inside your home to outside. No matter how you will entertain, a TV, a speaker, and a WiFi extender will get the job done.

Work with a Professional Audio-Video Installer

The most significant piece of advice that we can give about planning for an outdoor project is to contact an audio-video installer before the work begins. If you want the perfect outdoor entertaining area, an audio-video installer must design the technology around the space and plan for ways to conceal the wiring. In most cases, this means the wiring will need to run underground, and you cannot wait until the end of the project to get started. Before any landscaping is finished or cement is poured, there are many decisions to make.

Use the Best Outdoor Home Theater Technology

Without the right equipment, you can’t have a full outdoor home theater experience. We install only a few exclusive brands at Blu Glo. Not because we are tech snobs but because we know and understand these technologies and know them to be the best products after years of installations and experience. Here is a couple that you can trust!

The Best Outdoor Speakers That Bring The Sound

One of the products that we love for sound outside is the Sonance Patio Series speaker system. The sound is superior, and the bass will blow you away. It has excellent coverage for any pool or patio.

Samsung Terrace TV

Believe it or not, the price of outdoor TVs like the Samsung Terrace TV has decreased drastically, making it very affordable to mount a TV outside. The Samsung Terrace is our favorite outdoor TV! With this TV, you have options based on the sunlight and the positioning of the TV to get the best picture. The components are weather-proof and include Part Sun and Full Sun versions.

Why the Samsung Terrace TV is our favorite Outdoor TV

  1. The Terrace TV is 4x as bright as an indoor TV, so enjoying a daytime game is not a problem.
  2. The Samsung Terrace TV has air circulation fans that prevent humid air from collecting on warm TV parts. These fans prevent corrosion of the internal TV components.

Take a look at Outdoor Entertain Fort Worth Style

We recently completed this outdoor entertaining space for a family in Fort Worth. The layout choice was essential to entertain the ki s and watch TCU football this fall. Blu Glo designed the new system to be viewable anywhere from this Texas yard.

Three Systems for Distinct Spaces

The pool pavilion features an 85″ Samsung QLED TV flanked by (2) 65″ Samsung QLED TVs. The homeowner, like many of us, wants to be able to watch the Horned Frogs play while monitoring several other games. There are speakers in the ceiling of the pavilion and speakers placed around the pool so you can hear TV broadcasts. With this set-up, you can even listen to Sonos music while watching the game!

The patio system features a sitting area and a 75″ Samsung QLED TV. The owner’s grilling area contains a 65″ Samsung QLED TV. Each system can directly mirror what is playing on the pool system, or each can play an independent channel.

Best WIFI Mesh Network

Because an RTI control app controls the system on the owners’ phones, we extended the WiFi outside to the yard via a Ubiquiti Unifi MESH network. The owner now gets the same high internet speeds as he does inside the house.

How Blu Glo Partners with Contractors

In this particular build, we coordinated with the pool builder to have all the wiring run through conduits underground. Installing audio-video equipment outside a home takes proper planning and execution. If you are planning on a backyard remodeling project or putting in a pool, let us install all of the wiring infrastructures before landscape and cement. We partner with pool companies in the Fort Worth, TX, area, and design an audio-video system that delivers high-quality sound and entertainment.

Pour me a Ranch Water, float me in a tube in the pool, and let’s enjoy kickoff! Go Frogs!

If you’re ready to upgrade your backyard, give Blu Glo a call.