Samsung TV Frame

As long as I have been in this industry (34 years), there has always been a friction between technology and residential design. Samsung has recently produced a TV that does the best job I have seen in bridging the TV/Design gap.

“The Frame” is a product that when in TV mode produces a beautiful image, but when turned off it is a stunning piece of artwork. The real key to this technology is that when in art mode, the TV doesn’t produce any light! It may sound hard to imagine, but the first time you see it in art mode you’ll understand. The artwork can be chosen from classic pieces of art like Remington & Russell, Photography by Ansel Adams, or even personal photos.

Additionally, Samsung has designed The Frame to mount flush on a wall just as a picture frame would. Samsung sells (4) simple accessory frames for the TV, and there are true picture frame kits available from other companies to really complete the look of artwork on your wall.