RTI Controllers

Blu Glo Home Media Systems installs home and business audio-video and security systems.  All of our systems have four core functions:

  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Automation
  • Control

Control is the most important part of what we do because it is how our clients use the systems in their homes on a day-to-day basis.

Since 2007 we have installed Remote Technologies, Inc (RTI) control systems because we felt the technology prioritized reliability and simplicity.

RTI manufactures many products, but our focus for this article is on two products:

Processors – Processors are components that live within your electronics and basically tell them what to do.

Controllers – The processor is controlled by the controller, which can be a handheld “universal” remote control, a wall-mounted keypad, or more commonly, an iPhone app.

The controller sends commands to the products we install, such as TVs, sound systems, thermostats, security systems, etc.

For example: when you are ready to watch a movie, the controller will turn on the TV, the sound system and cable box with one “on” command. Then, as you are using the system, it will turn the volume up & down, change channels and navigate the menu of your AppleTV without you having to switch remotes, and with MUCH fewer buttons!

The primary controller our clients use these days are iPhone & iPad apps. We install an app on your phone that controls all the systems in your home.

RTI Controllers

One common question our clients have is:

Q.  How does the phone control the TV, which uses IR commands to be controlled?

A.  The answer is that the app on the phone talks to the controller to issue the IR commands to the TV via a small device called an emitter that we attach from the controller to the TV. The app is fully customizable by our system programmer and can be as simple or as detailed as our clients request. Hint:  ALL our clients request simplicity!

There are several control systems on the market, but we have used RTI exclusively for 14 years, and we do not plan on changing any time soon. RTI makes excellent products and has been an amazing business partner for Blu Glo.

RTI (Remote Technologies, Inc.) was founded in 1992 and is based in Shakopee, Minnesota.