Ubiquity Unifi Mesh Network

All homes and backyards are different geographically, but most do very well with a mesh network.

Mesh WiFi networks work well inside most homes and are efficient for large outdoor areas. Note that this type of network is not like extenders.  Mesh networks replace your typical WiFi setup and router.

The mesh network system is efficient and seamless.  It consists of several devices that are strategically placed and act as local access points. Mesh networks deliver a reliably smooth wireless experience with fast speeds over a wide area.

These mesh devices provide consistently strong signals to many devices simultaneously. This feature eliminates lag, and buffering, in favor of consistent internet throughout your home and yard.

Which Mesh Network to buy?

A Ubiquity Unifi Mesh Network is the best way to extend your internet outside. Blu Glo professionals use Ubiquity products because they offer reliable hardware that is safe to use indoors and outdoors.

There are many WIFI extenders and mesh products on the market. These products help with getting more range but, most of the time, sacrifice speed and bandwidth. The brand we trust to deliver you the best internet is Ubiquity’s Unifi Mesh Network. The access points behind this residential grade mesh network system can be mounted anywhere – inside, outside, on a wall or ceiling. This setup improves internet connection quality throughout a property and provides the best coverage.

Blu Glo Mesh Network installations include calibration using robust software that produces the highest-performing internet solutions.

Guest Homes, Barns, Docks and Utility Building WiFi

We love the mesh networks but our first choice for extending your WiFi to other buildings is still hardwiring. Hardwiring cable is always the most reliable method for speed and connection. The UniFi Outdoor All-weather Category 5e Cable is weatherproof and designed for protection from severe weather damage and electromagnetic interference. Depending on the distance, a cable can be run to connect the internet between the home and the guest house. If the distance is too great or the connection is not possible, an outdoor wireless accent point would need to be installed.

If an outbuilding is too far or challenging to run an outdoor-rated network cable, Ubiquiti engineers developed the Ubiquiti Building Bridge (UBB). The Ubiquiti Building Bridge is perfect for short-range installations, and the connectivity with the UniFi application makes bridging networks seamless.

The product consists of two parts, a transmitter, and a receiver. The UBB bridges the gaps between buildings up to 1500 feet and maintains high speeds of over 1 Gbps. For properties with barns or docks that need WiFi, the UBB is an excellent solution.